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Music at Miskin Theatre

Miskin Music offers specialist training for musicians, singers, music producers and sound technicians in a vibrant creative environment. As a trainee at Miskin Music you will work in professionally equipped studios, rehearsal rooms and facilities, alongside experienced industry practitioners, providing you with the perfect platform for a range of exciting careers in the modern music industry.  

At Miskin Music, we work on a professional basis towards a variety of public performances, and recordings. This ensures your day-to-day work mirrors the demands of industry. Working alongside like-minded musicians and producers, you will develop the technical and creative skills to enable you to reach your full potential as an artist or practitioner. Throughout your course, you will build a portfolio of work allowing you to progress not only with a recognised qualification but also with the real world skills and experience vital for your progression into the industry or higher education. Our trainees take full creative ownership of their work, developing the personal skills and independent approach demanded by an exciting variety of contemporary careers.

Music Performance

Miskin Musicians develop their skills in various styles, genres and contexts, gaining professional experience both on stage and in the studio.  Playing in bands or musical ensembles you will develop and refine material for a series of public performances throughout the year. These shows are designed to broaden and improve both your technical and creative abilities, as well as giving you an insight into the realities of marketing and promoting a music event. You will compose and record music and take an active part in developing ideas and themes for your own work and performances. Our musicians are encouraged to follow their own creativity and develop the individual attributes required to embark on a range of careers as a music performer.

Miskin Music performance

Miskin Voice

A specialist pathway for singers and vocalists, Miskin Voice allows you to develop your skills in a variety of industry contexts. You will perform on-stage and in the studio developing the attributes required in order to work as a singer in the modern music industry. You will develop technical and creative skills working alongside musicians and performers in diverse styles, from pop, RnB, and soul, to rock and electronic. You’ll gain invaluable experience, building your confidence and portfolio of live and studio performances, ensuring you are equipped to progress into higher education or a variety of exciting careers.

Miskin Theatre Music Show

Music Technology

Producers, sound engineers and technicians at Miskin Music develop valuable technical and creative skills to provide the foundation for progression into a variety of exciting careers in the music and sound/media production industries. You will work on your own production and composition work, create sound and music for film, learn how to record and produce on a 36 channel mixing console and gain experience of sound engineering in the live environment. Our course allows you to specialise in areas of particular interest, as you progress, enabling you to identify and focus on particular career options. Whether you are an aspiring producer, artist, sound designer, or composer for film, our course provides you with the perfect platform to launch your career.


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