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Dance & MT at Miskin Theatre

Our passion is to provide students with a dynamic and diverse training that reflects the current industry demands. We aim to provide a challenging curriculum which enables our students to flourish and excel. We place an emphasis on nurturing a self-motivated and ambitious attitude among our learners, creating a well-rounded performer who strives for perfection.


The Miskin Dance course offers training in all areas of the discipline, encouraging performers to become strong, versatile athletes. Styles and skills will include Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, technique and choreographic skills. Learners will be given the opportunity to study other aspects of the performing arts including physical theatre, contact improvisation, audition techniques and skills that are relevant to their ongoing journey. Throughout your course, there will be opportunities for you to put these skills into practice in a number of our production shows which take place at our very own theatre.

Miskin dance students

Musical Theatre

The Musical Theatre course is an exciting and dynamic course that will allow students to hone and develop their skills. Learners will have the opportunity to work on the three main disciplines, dancing, singing and acting. You will learn the core techniques of each genre focusing on refining and strengthening your skill set. Throughout your course you will put these new skills into practise in a number of production shows to a public paying audience in our very own theatre.

Musical Theatre at Miskin Theatre


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