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We have been working remotely for a few weeks now, since the decision was made to close all schools and colleges due to rising cases of Covid-19.

Working remotely on such a creative and (usually) practical course has it’s challenges, so keeping that element of creativity, we sent out prop making kits to our Technical Theatre learners who are currently based in the Stage Management department. This kit consisted of various craft items, including air drying clay, wire lights, and that essential piece of equipment for prop making – a glue gun! The task was to design and create a magical wand, as we had been looking at the design of these in film, TV and theatre.


prop making craft kits wand with lightswand with lights


The base of the wands are chopsticks, with various media used to create detail, such as string, clay, hot glue, beads, and wire. Each wand is unique, like the people who created them!



wand with Virgo star sign details wand decorated with Alice in Wonderland details wand with purple decorative stripes wand with skull detail


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