Our largest space is suited to theatrical and dance performances with a seating capacity of 152 + 15 optional seats on the floor.

For end on production

The maximum playing space without masking: 12m Wide x 11m Depth Height to grid: 5m 10cms

6 x descendable motorised lighting bars. 12 circuits on each bar. Total of 72 in each grid.

12 x floor circuits each side of upstage. 24 in total with various 13 amp, 16 amp + 32 amp hard power outlets on stage.

Get in access: 4m Wide x 4m High roller shutter to the rear of the stage.

We hold a varied stock of hard or soft black masking for black box use.

Dressing rooms access to stage right only without the use of masking.

Dressing Rooms

2x dressing rooms 25 & 18 capacity depending on layout.

Harlequin Black Activity Flooring Venue hire requires 2 x Miskin Technicians to be present at all times. This is an additional cost to the theatre hire. During performances, one will act as Miskin Company House Manager. Technicians will invoice separately.

Hire includes basic lighting and sound set up. Bar facilities available upon request.

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