Julia Pritchett

Julia started her training at the Gay Holdforth School of Dancing in Kent. At 16 Julia started full-time training at the Stella Mann College in London leaving with four distinctions in Teacher [...]


Richard Clarke

Richard Clarke is a professional musician, producer, songwriter and is the senior instructor for studio technologies for Miskin Music. Outside of the Miskin Richard continues to work as a session [...]


Andrew Pettitt

Andrew Pettitt is a songwriter/producer and is currently the Curriculum Manager for Miskin Music. He has an extensive background as a recording artist and is published by Chrysalis Music [...]


David MacKinnon

David is a professional musician, composer and producer. He is a Music Director at the Miskin, developing young talent from level 2 to level 4. David has extensive live and studio experience and [...]


Marc Morrison

Marc Morrison is a musician/songwriter/producer and currently runs the second year music course. During his time at the Miskin, he has overseen and directed music for numerous acting and Musical [...]

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